Whether you are starting a website from the ground up or restructuring an existing website using an SEO web site design, you have to trust an SEO web design company that has some of the most accomplished and experienced team players in the industry. With countless years of web design and SEO knowledge Clear Media is the answer to your creative and online marketing needs. Having an attractive, interactive and efficiently organized website means nothing if your customers can’t find it. Since the vast majority of web designs are not search friendly, search engines frequently overlook these sites. The deeper in the matrix the website, the more pages a customer has to dig through to come across your company. With such an end result, a company's hard earned money is gone to waste on a website that can't generate sales or produce revenue.


Clear Media overcomes this obstacle with its extensive knowledge in SEO websites design and coordinating a project that ensures an aesthetically pleasing and highly efficient top ranking search engine website to generate sales. By concocting a carefully planned creative mix of photography, graphics, page linking, coding, and concise written material your site will undoubtedly posses all the key ingredients to be among the top ranking sites in your industry. We achieve this by delivering quality content that users and search engines desire by strategically embedding keywords throughout the pages and carefully coding graphics using SEO. Lastly it is important to know that Clear Media employs a “white hat” mentality, it not use shortcuts or deceitful (black hat) ways to market sites. While black hat SEO might bring some short-term success the end result is inevitable with harsh consequences of search engine removal and being blacklisted. Choose the dependable way and let Clear Media's experience lead your company to long-term online success.


Our SEO Los Angeles Company designs your website with SEO in mind. Carefully crafted from site structure, filenaming, content writing and code optimization, your website will be climbing up the rankings in no time.


Some important points when designing an SEO friendly websites are:

  • Use the right Meta tags
  • Use table-less layouts through XHTML and CSS
  • Know how to name your files
  • Plan the website flow with SEO in mind
  • Make the keywords appear in your content page for at most 3 times.


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